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15th-Jun-2007 12:31 am(no subject)
pplr | mary cherry © gingerafros
Sometimes I wonder why I always watch Maury. I seriously hate that guy but I can't stop watching his show. Today's topic was "I'm afraid of ____! HELP ME!" and they had this chick that was afraid of cotton. Maury, the asshole that he is, kept laughing in front of her face. Listen, that may be funny and yes I did laugh, but NEVER would I do it in front of her face. That's just rude. They then had two douchbags dressed in cotton from head to toe and chase her around the studio. I mean, how is that suppose to help? "HEY, I KNOW YOU'RE AFRAID OF THIS BUT LET ME SHOVE THIS RIGHT IN YOUR FACE SO THAT WE CAN ALL LAUGH AND POINT AT YOU!" I hate Maury and his wife. I also hate the people that go on his show. [/rant]

...But I'm probably still gonna watch it tomorrow.

So, I just found out about the show "The Tudors." Such a great show. I don't have Showtime but I just watch it online. I remember a long time ago my Mom got Showtime for the first time and thought it was neat. Until they showed those softcore porn at night. LOL my Dad was so happy but my Mom was incredibly pissed.
6th-Jun-2006 03:08 pm(no subject)
pplr | mary cherry © gingerafros
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